ITAS burn pit flares

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05 Combustion ITAS Offshore Flares WEB-FIVES

ITAS burn pit flares do not require works at elevation and offer flexible technology for low capital investment to dispose of liquids, vapors or mixtures from a single source.

Flexible, ultimate and cost effective technology  

ITAS burn pit flares are used to dispose of liquids and gases with or without the need for smokeless performance. If needed, smokeless flaring is achievable also for liquids with a particular design called liquid burner. Flare tips and liquid burners are horizontally installed and the waste streams are discharged into the pit. Fives’ team can support customers with the pit design and sizing based on the flame configuration and length etc. 

Easy and safe installation

The entire installation is at grade level, thus facilitating the site works. Flame radiation and dispersion effects in the surrounding areas are evaluated with professional algorithms and software. 

Safe and optimized destruction of waste gases

Fives offers flares and complete turnkey systems including a full range of auxiliary equipment to maximize destruction efficiency while optimizing safety, emissions and consumptions. 


Refinery, petrochemical, any plant with liquid streams to dispose of

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