ITAS elevated flares

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Elevated flares are vertical stacks used to dispose of waste gases through combustion; the “flare tips” (flare burners) are located at the top, which ensures personnel, plant and environment safety.

ITAS elevated flares range from low-investment small utility stacks up to the tallest and largest capacity flares worldwide. 

Safe and optimized destruction of waste gases

Fives offer flares and complete turnkey systems including a full range of auxiliary equipment to maximize destruction efficiency while optimizing safety, maintenance and plant operation.

Large capacity, flexible operations

ITAS elevated flares are designed to meet the project technical requirements and to comply with local regulations; from 3 to 200m height, they are engineered to comply with radiation and noise limits, to promote dispersion of toxic compounds and to minimize environmental impact with efficient, clean and smokeless combustion.  

Different technologies are available to meet the customer’s needs.

A complete offer

Fives offers a large range of elevated flares depending on available footprint, mechanical and process design requirements, and budget: self-supported, guy-wired, guyed-derrick, and derrick supported.

Fives offers also includes design and supply of a full set of ignition and control systems, and auxiliary devices.


Refinery, petrochemical, LNG, gas plants, fertilizer, chemical plants

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