ITAS enclosed ground flares

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Enclosed ground flares are used to destroy waste gases without radiation effects or visible flames, and with limited noise, minimized footprint and visual impact.

Fives offers a range of ITAS enclosed ground flares whose burners and stack are designed to accommodate the thermal requirements of enclosed flames. ITAS pioneering technology includes several options to allow for smokeless operations and emission control, including clean combustion using the pressure of the waste gases (no need for steam or air blowers).

Flexible operation

ITAS gas distribution system for enclosed ground flares makes operations flexible. A variety of flare tips and burner types may be installed at the base of the stack, according to customer’s specifications. Thanks to ITAS burners, mixing between gas and air is enhanced and delivers smokeless and short flames within a wide range of operating conditions including refinery and petrochemical gases, sour gases, cryogenic conditions etc.

Optimized emission control

ITAS windshield fence installed around the stack ensures an optimized natural draft distribution of the ambient air into the unit; automatic air dampers (louvers) at base of stack may also be included, plus additional control of combustion air to the burners through air fan and combustion monitoring at the stack, to reduce emission. 

Safe and optimized destruction of waste gases

With its minimized footprint and visual impact, reduced noise and zero radiation, ITAS enclosed ground flares design is specifically suitable for small and crowded plants, even when adjacent to populated areas. Fives offer flares and complete turnkey systems including a full range of auxiliary equipment to maximize destruction efficiency, while optimizing safety, emissions control and consumptions. ITAS flares ensure safe plant operation, while design and engineering are compliant with customer specifications and local regulations.


Plants close to populated areas or any plant where minimizing the visual impact and the footprint of the flare is a key factor.

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