ITAS multipoint ground flares

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Multipoint ground flares can manage big quantities of gas without visible flame; the specific design includes burners inside a fenced area to ensure that radiation and heating effects are kept inside. For particular applications, the burners can be installed into a pit without fence.

From engineering, fabrication, supervision and training, ITAS multipoint ground flares fit into many applications with no limitation of the gas flow rate. 

Ultimate design, optimized control

The flow capacity may be unlimited by adding additional stages of burners inside the fenced area. ITAS multipoint ground flares include ITAS gas staging manifold, with valves which automatically open/close following the increase/decrease of the flow rate. The system is flexible and able to accommodate from minimum purge flow rate to design maximum capacity. 

Flexible technology

ITAS multipoint ground flares can be equipped with a variety of flare burner types to meet any specification or requirement. Suitable design is available for refinery and petrochemical gases, sour gases, cryogenic conditions and for smokeless flaring. Thanks to its flexible design, ITAS burners allow for enhanced mixing between gas and air, and deliver smokeless and short flames within a wide range of operating conditions. 

Safe and optimized destruction of waste gases

Hidden flames minimize visual impact and noise, while the zero radiation allows for safe working conditions outside when the flare is in operation. Fives offer flares and complete turnkey systems including a full range of auxiliary equipment to maximize destruction efficiency and safety, and to minimize, emission and consumptions. ITAS flares ensure safe plant operation, while design and engineered are compliant with customer specifications and local regulations.


Refinery, petrochemical, LNG

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