ITAS Solvent recovery unit

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Solvent Recovery Unit (SRU) is a system which allows the recover of most of the solvent used for printing. The system recovers the VOC contained in the effluent with a filtration, at low temperature, through an activated carbon bed. After filtration the flow can be send to the atmosphere while respecting the emission limits. When VOC are separated from impurities, they may be reused.

From engineering and system design to site assistance and supervision, on-line remote assistance, revamping and training, Fives designs and supplies regenerative thermal oxidizers to meet any technical requirements or project specifications, and help customers exceed their objectives in terms of polluting emission. ITAS Solvent Recovery Unit’s management is fully automatic.

Optimized and easy to operate thanks to a regulation system based on flow and temperature in the combustion chamber, ITAS Solvent Recovery Units do not require direct combustion, avoiding NOx or CO emission ; the return on investment is around 18-24 months and the treatment is turned into productive recovery, thus optimizing operations.

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