ITAS roto-concentrators

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Rotating concentrators are used in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) treatment process, when the VOC concentration is under 1 g/Nm3 VOC. The accumulated VOC are released in a small hot air stream and can be treated in a smaller post-combustion system.

Ultimate technology

Both operations are carried out continuously, using a single drum rotating at low speed, its 2 sections working simultaneously. After treatment, the air may be discharged into the atmosphere, as it is pure enough, or treated through a regenerative thermal oxidizer without request of additional fuel gas.

Flexible and complete solutions

Fives designs and manufactures concentrators system adapted to any customers’ needs - adsorption is ensured by zeolites, while the parts of the rotating drum may be made in one or different materials. ITAS roto concentrators solutions include engineering studies and system design, site assistance and supervision, on-line remote assistance, revamping and training. 

Reduced fuel consumption

ITAS roto concentrator technology ensures the fuel consumption is optimized as the energy contained in the solvents is used to operate the plant. Further, at low pollutant concentration (>2 g/Nm3) the oxidizer activates the auto-thermal mode.


Refinery, petrochemical

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