ITAS tail gas incinerators

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ITAS process of oxidation is most often used to control the emission of Tail Gas in Petrochemical & Refinery process. At the appropriate temperature and residence time, any stream may be oxidized to produce energy and incineration gases.

Ultimate technology

Thanks to its ultimate and proven technology, ITAS waste stream oxidizers can even treat the tail gas emission.

Fives’ optimized solutions in terms of thermal insulation ensure low energy consumption. 

Outstanding removal rate

Based on a long-term experience and teams’ expertise, ITAS tail gas incinerators guarantee an emission level 20% lower than the regulation. Thanks to CFD analysis, the efficiency of abatement systems is optimized as are the operating temperatures.

Flexible equipment

ITAS tail gas incinerators are designed to operate under various conditions using various pollutants. Based on a flexible design, the system was made to render part of its energy with diathermic oil, and to produce steam (heaters and superhaters).


Refinery, petrochemical

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