North American Hot Gas Generators

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North American Series 9500 Ultra Low Emissions HGG for calcining Gypsum-FIVES

Fives is a world leader in process heating and combustion technology with a long history of providing high quality Hot Gas Generators. Its experience in heating and drying spans a vast array of products including coal, gypsum board, tissue paper, grain, and minerals. Higher temperature applications include calcining and thermal oxidation.

Fives has produced hundreds of Hot Gas Generators in a very wide range of capacities for once through and recirculated process streams, including: 

  • Higher production rates
  • Higher efficiency
  • Closer temperature uniformity of hot gases
  • Lower emissions:  NOx, CO and CO2
  • Reduced floor space


Fives provides remote or on-site process analysis, system design / implementation and commissioning / training services for its North American product range; all designed to help customers optimize their process’ performance and achieve the maximum payback from their investment.  All these services are provided to help customers attain the Fives advantage – lowering the overall life cycle costs of the process.


  • North American Series 9500 Low NOx HGG-FIVES
  • North American Series 9500 Low NOx Indirect Fired HGG-FIVES

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