Evolution service pack

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pillard service evolution-FIVES
Tampon service new Evolution vecto-FIVES

Operators major stake is to keep performances of their equipment at their best level, maximize time between failures and minimize downtime.

Fives offers an Evolution pack to help customers upgrade their equipment to the latest technologies with limited capital investments.

  • A team of specialists
    Remote assistance by specialized service team.
    Assessment of the situation, basic technical troubleshooting, advice, recommendations and identification of suitable servicing on site.
  • Upgrade of existing burners
    Improvement of capability to inject new fuel types (fluff, plastic chips, waste oils …) to match with new production requirements.
  • Modification of combustion equipment
    To permit operators to handle new gaseous or liquid fuel type, to cancel operating issues and to make adjustments easier. Matches with new production requirements and installation of new equipment (ignitor and flame sensor).


  • Cemex
  • Holcim
  • SLN
  • EDF
  • Baosteel

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